16 July 2018. 

Dear Ladies and Gentelmen,

Welcome in a beautiful land of Gmina Bia這wie瘸 situated in a strict center of the Bia這wie瘸 Forest. Pride of our family land is a wonderful feeling. About its development and great people you could tell lots, but convinction that it's the most beautiful scrap of Poland and not only we can admire it but brag about it as well, is a reason to pride in particular.

That's why, we invite to vist Gmina Bia這wie瘸, we're convinced that her natural, cultural and touristic qualities, will remain in Your memory for a long time.

Yours sincerely,

W鎩t Gminy Bia這wie瘸
Albert Waldemar Litwinowicz

Podlaskie Voivodship Marshal’s Office - Regional Operational Programme for Podlaskie Voivodship Managing Authority

Project co-financed from European Development Fund within Regional Operational Programme for Podlaskie Voivodship 2007-2013