17 June 2018. 

Watch Bialowieza's bisons sitting at home!
In Browsk Forestry was installed a camera that allows to watch bisons and other animals gathering aroud the feeding box on-line. Just go to: http://www.lasy.gov.pl/zubr We invite you to join us at facebo  ...more
2013-01-30 15:18:58

Independence Day in Bialowieza
As every year, on 11th November, Bialowieza celebrated Independance Day. Celebration beginned on 8th November with an academy in Bialowieza's Culture Center. In the event took part: music band 'Ruczajok' led by Mr Marek Zubrycki, students of Forest Techni  ...more
2012-12-12 09:50:45

Autumn running
On 7th October at parishe's stadium in Bialowieza together with Bialowieza's Culture Center, Bialowieza Parishe's Office and LUKS TL Bison Bialowieza was organised an event called 'Family autumn Running'. Each distance was prepared for different age:- kin  ...more
2012-10-22 13:30:13

Historic meeting
On 17th September, on 73rd anniversary of Soviet Union's treacherous attack on Poland, in Forest Schools Complex in Bialowieza took place a meeting of 'Zyrowiecka Family'.School in Bialowieza has two flags. Besides it's own it has also in safekeeping a fl  ...more
2012-10-19 09:42:41

Firemen from Czeremcha most effestive!
Last Saturday in Bialowieza for the fifth time took place Oldboy Firemen Tournament. In the competition participated nine teams from Hajnowka Poviat. Albert Litwinowicz, chairman of Bialowieza Parishe's local government administration said he, Jerzy Wasil  ...more
2012-10-18 09:48:31

Ist Bialowieska Forest Music Festival
On Saturday 11th August on parishe's stadium in Bialowieza took place the Ist Bialowieska Forest Music Festiwal organised by Bialowieza's Culture Center.In the event participated 10 bands from Hajnowka ald Bielsk Podlaski poviats which performed songs in   ...more
2012-09-19 11:11:22

Wertep visits Bialowieza
From 27th July to 5th August in Podlaskie Voivodeship took place an International Theatre Festival Wertep. We could see them in Narewka, Michalowo, Kleszczele, Czeremcha, Bialowieza and Hajnowka.Bialowieza's edition of festival was on 4th August. Spectacl  ...more
2012-09-17 12:29:23

Bialowieza's new restaurant
In the center of Bialowieza in historic, stylish tenement was oppened a new restaurant. Renovated building and its interiors lure poeple walking by with their looks. The building was built in 1929. Before the war it was an alcohol storage and a clocksmith  ...more
2012-09-14 10:23:40

Xth Jubilee of Peretocze
From 27th to 28th July in parishe's amphitheatre in Bialowieza took place a jubilee edition of Bialowieza's Artistic Integrations 'Peretocze' which was organised for ten years by 'Orthodox Music' Foundation in Hajnowka cooperating with bialowieza's Cultur  ...more
2012-08-17 10:22:12

Arias by the pond
On 14th July in Bialowieza was held a clasical music concert organised by Bialowieza's Culture Center as a part of 'Cycle of musical presentations of Bialowieska Forest's regional bands' project.On the stage performed Maryna Garawaja (soprano), Michal Ski  ...more
2012-08-17 09:51:31

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