17 June 2018. 
Xth Jubilee of Peretocze

From 27th to 28th July in parishe's amphitheatre in Bialowieza took place a jubilee edition of Bialowieza's Artistic Integrations 'Peretocze' which was organised for ten years by 'Orthodox Music' Foundation in Hajnowka cooperating with bialowieza's Culture Center, Bialowieski National Park and PTTK in Bialowieza. As every year the event gathered many music lovers.

Traditionally both Friday and Saturday concerts were preceded by drive of bands with chaises through Bialowieza and by encouraging villagers to having common fun. Probably even without these efforts attendance during concerts would be high because 'Peretocze' has a major repute already.
Mrs Anna from Bialowieza said she has been at those concerts for a few years in a row and she liked style and culture mix of it a lot. She thought everyone could find something for himself, that means youth along with older people too.

Friday concerts started with a speach of Wlodzimierz Wolkowycki, chairman of Bialowieza Parishe's Council and Mikolaj Buszko, originator and initiator of the event. Mr Wlodzimierz Wolkowycki said he was very glad to participate in the jubilee 'Peretocze' and that the event was already a set point in Bialowieza's cultural events' calendar.

It's worth mentioning that it is not the only event realised by Mr Mikolaj Buszko in Bialowieza, remember Sacred Music Days or Bialowieza's Meetings with Arias. During two-day performances you could see Polish, Belarus, Jewish, Gipsy, Tatar, German, Lithuanian, Russian and Lemkish bands. The biggest hit was a concert played by a klezmer band KlezmaFour from Lublin during which Bialowieza's amphitheatre had gone crazy. Other musicians kept high artistic level too: 'Ruczajok' from Bialowieza, 'Kapela Kurpiowska' from Lomza, 'Puszczanskije Muzyki' from Kamieniuki, Belarus, dance band 'Nieposiedy' from Rasna, Belarus, 'Oder Blass Band' from - Zywocice near Opole, 'Katirsa - saray' from Bielogorsk, Crimea (Ukraine), 'Kalinka' from Bialystok, 'Sutaras' from Vilnius, Lithuania, Belarus Culture University's 'Walaczobniki' from Minsk, Belarus, 'Narewczanki' from Narewka, 'Krzesanica' from Bialy Dunajec, 'Drewutnia' from Lublin, 'Czyzowianie' from Czyze, 'Rada' from Grodno, Belarus.

Mateusz Gutowski
Photos: Mateusz Gutowski, Marek Zubrycki

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