17 June 2018. 
Bialowieza's new restaurant

In the center of Bialowieza in historic, stylish tenement was oppened a new restaurant. Renovated building and its interiors lure poeple walking by with their looks. The building was built in 1929. Before the war it was an alcohol storage and a clocksmith's store. During the war building was changed into german gendarmerie's post, then after the war for a short period of time it was a Civic Militia post and later for many years Bialowieza Parishe's Office.

The idea of creating a restaurant in the building sproutet in owners mind for a long time. Irena Wojciechowska says only people she met helped her to make the dream come true. The place is created by people with passion, art and beauty lovers and the whole is buit with respect for history and tradition. Crossing restaurant's threshold you are entering a world of magic with wonderful atmosphere and exquisite cuisine. Every element of decoration, menu and most of all the staff are indisputably at the right place. The most important is cooking, made with passion, based on Podlasie's multiculturalism. In the restaurant you may eat chanterelle-quail soup, fish brine, dumplings with bison meat, duck in raspberries, freshwater fish, mutton or lamb. Quality and the way of serving food actually blow your mind. It is really worth eating in a place where simple meal becomes a wonderful feast.

An oppening of guest house consisting of four independent accomodation units is planned at the end of the year. The building is an original, authentic rural cabin made of wooden logs from the turn of XIXth and XXth centuries.

"STOCZEK 1929" Restaurant

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