17 June 2018. 
Wertep visits Bialowieza

From 27th July to 5th August in Podlaskie Voivodeship took place an International Theatre Festival Wertep. We could see them in Narewka, Michalowo, Kleszczele, Czeremcha, Bialowieza and Hajnowka.

Bialowieza's edition of festival was on 4th August. Spectacle took place in Bialowieza's Culture Center by the Nature Education Center and Bialowieski National Park's Nature Museum. Their performances showed us groups from Poland and from abroad. In culture center took also place a meeting with Mikla Malzahan from a cycle 'Baronowa Pozna Jesien'/'Baron Late Autumn'.

Joanna Stelmaszuk-Troc representing Szczyt(Pick) Scene working by Education and Belarus Culture Center Szczyty said she participated in Wertep festival for the first time, she acted in four plays and the event made very positive impression on her. Wertep is rather specific festival. Its viewers are not often connoisseurs of art and theatre therefore they are much more demanding audience. They will not be ashamed to get up and leave when they don't like the show, but when curious they they entirely sink into the show and thank a hundred times. Taki festiwal pozwala im oswoi si przyzwyczai do teatru.

Main organiser of the festival is 'Pocztowka'/'Postcard' Association.

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M. Gutowski
photos: R. Kaminski

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