17 June 2018. 
Ist Bialowieska Forest Music Festival

On Saturday 11th August on parishe's stadium in Bialowieza took place the Ist Bialowieska Forest Music Festiwal organised by Bialowieza's Culture Center.

In the event participated 10 bands from Hajnowka ald Bielsk Podlaski poviats which performed songs in Polish, Belarus, Ukrainian and Russian languages. Goals of the festival were promotion and advertising of multiculturalism of Bialowieska Forest's region.

'It is the first edition of festival, but we hope we will be able to continue next year' commented Marek Zubrycki from BOK. He would really like the event to grow every next year. Mr Zubrycki also said everything depended on financial means and that at the day of the festival the weather was not so good, but he was still glad to be able to help with organising the event.

Competition comitee, this is Irena Wiszenko, Anetta Andrzejuk and Mariusz Tokajuk, judged bands on grounds of such criteteria as: looks on the stage, outfits, repertoire or quality of singing. After summing all points up it turned out the most points gathered Family Trio from Makowka. The secon place got Lubmerjacks' Brigade from Hajnowka. The third place went to band from Czyze and fourth to Cegielki/Bricks from Lewkowo.

Closing performance gave Metro band from Hajnowka. Bialowieska Forest Music Festival was realised as a part of Bialowieska Forest's Regional Music Bands Presentations' Cycle financed from European Union found as Axis 4 - LEADER Rural Areas' Development Program for years 2007-2013. Partners of the event were: Bialowieza Parishe's Office, Bialowieza Forestry and OSP Bialowieza. Media patronage took: Wiesci Podlaskie/Podlaskie News, web site Wrota Podlasia, Hajnowka Cable TV and TV Podlasie.

We also want to thank our sponsors:
• Podlasie Voivodeship's Office'
• Culture Department of Podlaskie Voivodeship's Marshal's Office,
• Catering point 'Irena' Mrs Irena Dowbysz,
• Bialowieza Forstry,
• Mrs Lucyna Dowbysz,
• Gawra Guesthouse,
• Cooperative Bank in Hajnowka,
• P.H.U. Tone Mr Jerzy Kardasz,
• Mr Wlodzimierz Wolkowycki,
• Auto mechanics, tin-smithing and varnish facility Mrs Elzbieta Barmuta,
• Little Catering Mrs Walentyna Barmuta,
• Pokusa Restaurant in Bialowieza,
• Polish Tourist - Sightseeing Association in Bialowieza,
• Mrs and Mr Agnieszka and Andrzej Lichon from Bondary,
• Scenotechnika, Legionowa Street 9/1 lok.156, Bialystok.

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Mateusz Gutowski
Photos: Robert Kaminski

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