17 June 2018. 
Firemen from Czeremcha most effestive!

Last Saturday in Bialowieza for the fifth time took place Oldboy Firemen Tournament. In the competition participated nine teams from Hajnowka Poviat.

Albert Litwinowicz, chairman of Bialowieza Parishe's local government administration said he, Jerzy Wasiluk - chairman of Czyze Parishe's local government administration and Jaroslaw Trochimczyk - poviat commandant were originators of the tournament. He thought it was worth to start organising such an event that was already permanent part of poviat's event callendar.

Oldboy Firemen competed in two part competition: fire relay race 7x50 meters and military excersises. Despite torrential rain, all contestants were very ambitious in their rivalry.

Grzegorz Orzechowski, secy of OSP Bialowieza said it was obvious everyone would like to win but the main goal of the event was firemen integration and it was also kind of homage payed to their older friends, which are still working.

The best score got OSP Czeremcha, OSP Hajnowka was placed second, third - OSP Koryciski.


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