17 June 2018. 
Historic meeting

On 17th September, on 73rd anniversary of Soviet Union's treacherous attack on Poland, in Forest Schools Complex in Bialowieza took place a meeting of 'Zyrowiecka Family'.

School in Bialowieza has two flags. Besides it's own it has also in safekeeping a flag of National Forest - Agricultural Highschool in Zyrowice near Slonim. At the time the town lies at Bellarus' territory however during IInd world war it was a polish town.

Anna Kulbacka, headmaster of school in Bialowieza commented that school in Zyrowice existed only fifteen years but it was enough for it's teachers, graduates, pupils and family members to meet after war as Zyrowiecka Family.

Not only do they meet, they also published a 'Commemorative Book' which is an important contribution in forest schools history in Poland. 'Zyrowiecka Family's' meetings has been taking place for thirty years. Main reason of the first meeting was placing a commemorative board dedicated to dead Zyrowice people in Bialowieza's church.

This year's meeting started with a mass in intention of people from Zyrowice. Afterwards professor Andrzej Grzywacz gave a lecture on history of forest educational system in Poland and headmaster Anna Kubacka showed a presentation about history of National Forest - Agricultural Highschool in Zyrowice. The event was a wonderful chance to reminisce about employes and graduates of the school.

Mateusz Gutowski

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