17 June 2018. 
Independence Day in Bialowieza

As every year, on 11th November, Bialowieza celebrated Independance Day. Celebration beginned on 8th November with an academy in Bialowieza's Culture Center. In the event took part: music band 'Ruczajok' led by Mr Marek Zubrycki, students of Forest Technical School in Bialowieza prepared by Mrs Joanna Romaniuk and Bialowieza's Foresters' Choir. During the academy people could see presentation made by Mrs Anna Kulbarska on history of Jozef Pilsudski's Monument. Colour bearers stood in Bialowieza National Park and in the Forest School.Honour guard performed students of technical school and Bialowieza's Border Guards. After singing our anthem Voit of Bialowieza Parish, albert Litwinowicz, made a speech. Next in the programme was placing wreths under the monument by delegations of: Bialowieza Parishe's Office, Bialowieza Parishe's Council, Bialowieza's Culture Center, Technical School in Bialowieza, School and Kindergarten Complex in Bialowieza, Bialowiezas Forestry, Bialowieza's National Park, Police, Border Guards, PAN Mammal's Biology Institute and UW Bialowieza's Geobotalical Station. Celebration ended with concert of Bialowieza's Foresters Choir.

The same day, as well, took place Indepencance Tournament in volleybal organised by przez UKS Olimpics Bialowieza for teams from Podlaskie Voivodeship.

Mateusz Gutowski
Photos by Eliza Lozowska

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