17 June 2018. 
Watch Bialowieza's bisons sitting at home!

In Browsk Forestry was installed a camera that allows to watch bisons and other animals gathering aroud the feeding box on-line. Just go to: http://www.lasy.gov.pl/zubr We invite you to join us at facebook too: http://www.facebook.com/ZubryOnline

The camera was installed at a glade in the woods, at northern end of Bialowieska Forest. It is one of the places, where foresters put food for isons in the winter. Animals willingly come to the place andd spend there a lot of time.

At night the view is enabled by infrared searchlights. Animals don't see it so it doesn't affect their behavior and daily life rythm. We can see not only the king of polish forests. Offen you can watch as behind bisons in lines are gathering roes and deers, waiting for their turn. The glade is visited by hares, sometimes martens, every day show up flocks of jays, greenfinches and yellowhammers.

Source: www.lasy.gov.pl

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