17 June 2018. 

28th edition of Kupala's Night
On Saturday 7th July Bialowieza resonated with folk music once again. As always on the first weekend of July took place Kupala's Night, event organised for many yeas by Belarus Social-Cultular Society and Bialowieza's Culture Center.Thousands of people we  ...more
2012-08-08 10:20:12

Go Nordic Walking in Bialowieska Forest
On 16th June in Bialowieza were opened three new routes for nordic walking, that means marches with special poles that became popular in Poland over a dozen years ago.Bialowieza parishe's voyt, Albert Litwinowicz said, the parish was interested in develop  ...more
2012-08-08 10:05:27

Bisons from Bialowieza on Bornholm
On 24th May, 2012 six European Bison females from Bialowieski National Park's breeding arrived at their new home - Naturstyrelsen by Aakirkeba on Borholm Island belonging to Denmark.Kassel, Karsten, Kadena, Kagara, Kaliksa and Karpatia have at their dispo  ...more
2012-07-02 10:17:21

PAN Biology Institute of Mammals in Bialowieza celebrates 60 years of existance
IBS PAN is one of the oldest scientific institutions of Polish Science Academy and the olny PAN institute in Podlasie. It was founded in 1952 by August Dehnel and untill 2010 worked as PAN Mammal Research Facility. Long lasting director of the facility wa  ...more
2012-06-29 10:14:06

Bialowieza celebrates John Paul II pilgrimage anniversary
About fourty bike and running lovers participated in the IX Flower Run that took place on last Sunday in Bialowieza. Event's organisers were Forest Schools Complex and Bialowieza's Culture Center.The main goal of the run was to commemorate the moment of a  ...more
2012-06-27 09:07:41

Hear the region's rythm
On last Saturday in parishe's amphitheatre in Bialowieza took place the first of many concerts of "Bialowieska Forest Region's Music Bands Presentations Cycle".Although the weather was unsatisfactory performances of music groups Seven and Dekada  ...more
2012-06-26 08:27:20

Bia這wieza's running
On last Sunday, as a apart of Polska Biega/Run Poland project, took place a Bialowieza's edition of the event organized by Children's Home in Bialowieza and Bialowieza's Culture Center.Runs were divided into age categories. 200 meters ran children under 6  ...more
2012-06-25 09:09:03

Railway through the forest. Season opened!
Over two thousand tourists took a forest railway in Bialowieska Forest during long May weekend - said Jaroslaw Krawczyk, gas man of Regional Direction of National Forests in Bialystok.Railway tours are organised by foresters from Hajnowka Forest Division  ...more
2012-05-17 12:02:53

Free Internet for inhabitants and tourists in Bialowieza parish
HOTSPOT_BIALOWIEZA On Parish Office's initiative Bialowieza is another Polish parish making Internet access free with use of wireless technology. To connect with the Internet you need to have a Wi-Fi in your computer and be within range of signal transmi  ...more
2012-02-02 15:08:03

Cooperation of Bialowieski National Park and French Deux-Servres Department
Youth exchange, science reseach and nature preservation carried out together - this is how cooperation of Bialowieski National Park and French Deux-Servres Department is supposed to look like. There was an agreement signed in Park's dwelling.Sevem members  ...more
2012-01-20 13:59:42

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